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Journal of "Research in Islamic Architecture»is the connection gate of the Center of Excellence in Islamic architecture and the interested researchers of this field. This journal has validated numeral scientific researches from its first addition and is active in promoting its goal and strategies. students and scholars are invited to submit their research paper for the English Edition of Journal of Research in Islamic Architectural, which aims to promote the links between Islamic Wisdom, Architecture and Urban design. The journal focuses on issues related to common points in between Theoretical and Practical Islamic Wisdom in Architecture and Urban design. These include Epistemology, Ontology, Ideology, Pathology and Aesthetics through Design Process, Interdisciplinary Research Methodology, Comparative Analysis, human understanding and correlation, creativity, ethics and Philosophical Comparison. Thus, this journal provides a forum for researchers and practitioners for the publication of innovative scholarly research, which contributes to the adoption of a new Islamic Architectural approach that ensures an acceptable emanation of theories in architecture and urban design.Those interested can send the file of their paper with 3 written copies to the Architectural Research Center, in the Iran University of Science and Technology, Narmak, Tehran, Iran. For more information please visit journal's Web Site;
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