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NAME: Mansoor

SURNAME: Keyanpour-Rad


Address :
Division of Energy, Materials and
Energy Research Center,
P.O. Box 14155-4777

E- mail address:
Fax : (+98) 0261-6201888

Telephone : (+98) 261- 6204131-2

Date of birth : Sep.3.1942
Nationality : Iranian
Marital status : Married, 3 children







BS in Chemistry

California State University, USA


MS in Organic Chemistry

California State University, USA


Ph.D in Polymer Chemistry

Liverpool University, UK




Stanford Research Institute (SRI), Menlo Park, California, USA, Life Science Department, Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemist.


Tehran Polytechnic University, assistant professor.


Parsilon Nylon Company, Lorestan, Iran, Director of control and research labs


Lorestan University, Iran, assistant prof. Head of the chemistry group, President of the university.


Petroleum Research Center, Tehran, Iran.Head of the department of chemical products, Researcher.

1986- till present time

Materials and Energy Research Center, Tehran, Iran,
Full professor, Head of the Energy Division, Researcher.

Fields of Research :Synthesis and analysis of  organic molecules, monomers, polymers; pharmaceuticals; nanomaterials; polymeric and nano composites; dental glass ionomer cements; dental impression materials; lubricant additives; environmental pollution studies;solar heating and cooling applications ; fuel cells components.


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1-  Author of the book, "Precious Metals", M.E.R.C. Publishing Center, Iran,1988 .
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  1. American Chemical Society
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  5. Iranian Chemical Engineering Society
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  7. Editorial member of International Journal of Engineering
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  1. Distinguished  chemist of the year 1972 (Stanford Research Institute , SRI, Menlo Park, California,USA)
  2. Distinguished faculty member of the Materials and Energy Research Center, 1992
  3. Distinguished professor of Iranian universities and research centers, 1999.


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