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International Symposium on New Developements in Advanced high-strength sheet steels (AHSS)

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About the Program:
Advanced high-strength sheet steels (AHSS) are of increasing importance, particularly to the automotive industry, where their application enables reduced fuel consumption while guaranteeing passive safety. The scope of this conference is to bring together the international community to highlight state-of-the-art research and development pertaining to AHSS. The conference will focus on the latest developments in dual phase, twinning induced plasticity, martensitic, quenched and partitioned steels, other third generation AHSS concepts and hot stamped steels, along with recent experiences with industrial implementation and end-user application performance. A broad distribution of presentation topics is scheduled from international and domestic speakers from industry as well as academia. The conference is the latest installment in a series of product specific conferences following the AHSS symposia in Winter Park, Colo., in 2004 and Orlando, Fla., in 2008.

Who Should Attend:
The conference should be attended by steel researchers interested in new high-strength sheet steel products, along with engineers responsible for the production and implement

ation of the products in steel mills, automotive facilities and other industries, along with government and academic professionals and students.

Professional Development Hours:
This course may qualify for up to 26 Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits. Each attendee will receive a certificate listing the quantity of PDH credits earned for the course. This course is not approved for PDH credit in New York, Florida, North Carolina and Oklahoma.

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