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  Renewable Energy Group


  This group undertakes the research on the use of renewable energy sources and the rational use of energy. Because of their sustainable character, renewable energy technologies are capable of preserving resources, ensuring security and diversity of energy supply, and providing energy services, virtually without any environmental impact.

Group Leader: Dr. S. Rowshanzamir, Ph.D. of Chemical Engineering


  Email: rowshanzamirATiust.ac.ir


  Research Fields

The research work of the group focuses on:

  · Fuel Cell

  · Electrochemical systems

  · Energy conversions

  · Natural gas conversions

  · Biodiesel (Fuels)

  · Renewable energy resources



  · Technical and economical investigation of electrical urban transportation vehicles.

  · Evaluation of solar energy conversion technologies

  · Performance evaluation of laboratory fuel cell

  · Evaluation of fuel cell technology for use in Iran.

  · Evaluation of construction of fuel processor subsystem for fuel cell system.

  · Design and construction of solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell.

  · Experimental investigation of a polymer electrolyte fuel cell

  · Kinetic modeling of autothermal reforming (ATR)

  · Priorities for Energy Standards in Iran

  · The dynamic and steady state behavior of a PEM fuel cell

  · Biodiesel production

  · Fuel cell Distributed power generation system for residential applications


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