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  Organization and institution


  Staff affairs:

  Management of supplementary studies of the university is responsible for supervision, direction and evaluation of educational activities. Colleagues and experts in staff affairs each coordinate the affairs related to some university and are in direct relationship with supplementary studies of the universities.

  · Supplementary studies council of the university:

  The council is consisted from educational undersecretary of the university, director of supplementary studies of the university and supplementary studies directors of the university whose responsibility is to organize the activities and operation of supplementary studies, executive planning and supervising good performance of approvals of the council and relative ministry on the matter.

  · Elected committee on supplementary education:

  The committee has been selected by complementary Education Council of the university and proceeds to the following affairs:

  Comparison of educational subjects and problems of the students on a case by case basis upon general policies approved and preparation and proposal of plans to be submitted to the council

  · Services performed by supplementary studies staff of the university are consisted from the following:

  1- Primary acceptance and admission, filing, issue of student card and introducing accepted students to relative departments to start their studying

  2- Issue of Attestation of Studying certificate, issue of recommendation letter and relative orders for the students status including rank certificate, failure, expelling, termination of studying, educational leave, being accepted as guest, excess years of studying, military service (issue of educational exemption in the beginning of studying and notification of graduation, expel or termination of studying to Military Service Department), issue of settlement certificate of the student with different departments with graduation, expel or termination of studying

  3- Controlling enrollment on semester basis, grades, issued of thesis defense permit after comprehensive studies of the student records, notification of the status for students using scholarship to the introducing body, request for valuation of new coming students from their former institution

  4- Advising and guidance of the students and referrals for removal of educational problems

  5- Filing and keeping students academic records

  6- Notification of students graduation after completion of their files

  7- Holding doctoral exam in all courses (yearly)

  8- Holding and management of meeting by selected supplementary committee to study the academic records of the students

  9- Medical and emergency omission of students credits after approval of supplementary council on supplementary education and the university in some case


Through the university level:

  Managing executive affairs and educational planning for supplementary studies through the university level is performed under the supervision of manager for supplementary studies. Supplementary studies experts are responsible for executive affairs of the relative supplementary studies. There is a supplementary studies council in each university consisted from members of faculty who perform advisors services and direct supplementary studies activity who cooperate with supplementary studies manger.

  · Services performed by supplementary studies council are consisted form:

  1- Planning and presentation of subject materials in each semester observing the prerequisite subjects

  2- Registration of students credit at the beginning of each semester

  3- Notification of exam mark at the end of each semester and giving the relative report to supplementary studies council of the university

  4- Follow up of different stages regarding election of seminar and thesis credits from selection of the subject, approval, obtaining progress report and submission of the same to supplementary studies council of the university, request for issue of final defending license for the students, preparation of notices and holding thesis defense session for master and doctoral programs (it should be noted that coordination for inviting the professors to the defense session and coordination with the advisor professor would be for the student).

  5- Sending students’ request for extension of study years, being accepted as guest, ….. would be given to supplementary studies council for final approval after university agreement

  6- Notification and transfer of relative data for new circulars and approvals of the ministry and university and reports related to educational status of the students

  7- Notification of being failed and non referral of students to supplementary studies unit of the university for final decision


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