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Master’s Programs

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  Master’s Programs

  The Master’s programs are postgraduate courses of study that seek to develop and deepen one’s professional knowledge in scientific major fields, by applying the latest scientific achievements. Students will gain the essential research and training skills, as well as recognizing the tools and methods of surveys, which will prepare them for entry requirements of Doctoral courses.

  Master’s is a two–year program which includes two phases of instructional and research processes. During the instructional phase, students are required to pass all courses, and during the term devoted to research, students undertake scientific and professional researches on the subjects of their seminars and thesis.


 Rules and Regulations

  · The number of units in Master’s degrees are 28 -32.

  · Each student is allowed register 8-12 credits each semester.

  · With the exception of the first term, each student can apply for one term leave following his or her supervisor's consent. The term spent on leave will be taken into account for the students entire study duration.

  · The application for a short term leave must be submitted to the office of postgraduate studies prior the new semester, and upon the agreement of the respective school.

  · Students must achieve a grade of 12 (out of 20) or higher in order to pass a course.


  Project approval

  · Students are required to introduce their thesis topics to the office of postgraduate studies at the respective school, no later than the end of their second semester. Necessary revisions or changes can be made up to the end of the third semester.

  Upon thesis approval by the Postgraduates Studies Council, and before their defense, each student must submit two development reports of his project.

  Cases leading to exclusion:

  - Conditional registration: when the average grades of two semesters is below 14, the student will be excluded.

  - Absence: a student who leaves school for half of the year, fails to attend classes, and does not enroll will be excluded from the program.

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