Department of Physical Education- Activities

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Women's Sports

Men's Sports



  · Scheduling the annual sport calendar

  · Allocating an annual budget

  · Organizing sports facilities for more effective usage

  · Driving and administering in-campus and in-dormitory sports competitions

  · Expanding indoor and outdoor sports fields 

  · Extending activities to outdoor natural environments

  · Conducting extra curriculum programs in diverse sport fields

  · Providing university sports teams with required accoutrements and dispatching them for national and international competitions

  · Directing diverse sports competitions for university employees

  · Selecting sports communities


Additional Activities

*Athletic ceremony.

*Women's cycling competition.

*Developing the indoor and outdoor athletic fields.

*Appointing univercity teams for championship competitions and university personnel.

*Devising a suitable program for achieving program goasl.

*Ensuring client satisfaction.

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