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Laboratories & Workshops

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Laboratories & Workshops


The department has large-scale workshops and laboratory facilities, which are utilized for both teaching and research. These include:
1. Conventional Casting Workshop with main facilities such as:
a- 40 kg IM furnace
b- Several gas-fired melting furnaces
c- Sand & metal molding facilities
2. Advance Casting Lab with main facilities such as:
a- up to 50 kg VIM furnace
b- Simulation facilities for casting solidification
3. Machine Shop
The department has a small machine shop for preparing test
specimens, Jigs & fixtures
4. Mechanical Testing Lab with main facilities such as:
a- universal testing machine
b- Hardness & microhardness
c- Fatigue testing machines
d- Creep testing machines
e- Wear testing equipment
f- Impact testing machine
g- Hot tensile testing machine
i- Torsion testing machine
j- lab-scale
k- Rolling machine
5. Metallo-Ceramographic Lab with main facilities such as:
a- Advance optical equipments
b- Several microscopes fitted with phase contrast and polarizing light
c- Advance samples preparation equipments
d- Microhardness tester
e- Photographic equipments
f- Photographic Lab
6. Ceramic Raw-Materials Lab
7. Advanced Ceramic Lab
8. White-Wares Lab
9. Ceramics Forming Lab
10. Electroceramic Lab
11. Ceramics Workshop
12. Glass and Enamel Lab
13. Heat Treatment Lab
14. SEM Lab, having 360 Cambridge scanning electron microscope equipped with quantitative energy dispersive X-ray analysis, Image analysis
15. X-ray Lab, XRD, XRF & ...
16. Thermal Analysis Lab, equipped with DTA, TG and Dilatometry facilities
17. ICP Lab
18. Hydrometallurgy Lab
19. Pyrometallurgy Lab

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