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 Javad Marzban Rad



 Email: Marzban@iust.ac.ir 

 Tel: (+98) 21-77491098

 Fax: (+98) 21-77240437


 Welcome to IUST Extension, where you can expect the extraordinary. In this fast-paced world, education is an ongoing necessity. New technologies test our skills. Original ideas stretch our minds. Globalization broadens the boundaries of our lives; And, thanks to health advances, our lives are longer and more active, giving us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves again and again. It is with these challenges and choices in mind that IUST Extension creates innovative, comprehensive education for the lifelong learner.

 Each year IUST Extension logs many enrollments; whether these students want personal or professional development, they find IUST Extension provides unlimited choices, delivered with the high academic quality associated with its name. By providing opportunities for lifelong personal and professional growth, this Extension acts as a catalyst for positive change in individual lives in local, national, and global communities.

 Important contacts:





 Ms. Amini

 Financial Affairs of Second-Term Students

  (+98) 21-73912537


 Mr. Farahani

 Examination and Academic Contracts

  (+98) 21-73912505


 Ms. Ghoraei

 Financial Affairs of Second-Term Students

  (+98) 21-73912554


 Ms. Karimi

 Financial Affairs Faragir-Students

  (+98) 21-73912504


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