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In The Name Of Allah

 The Holy Prophet:
"I Leave two great and precious things among you: The Book of Allah and My Household"

Since Islam has offered humanity the most comprehensive value system for all aspects of life, the explanation of this system is of the greatest importance. We believe that Islam can meet all the spiritual and material needs of humanity. Islam presents its laws and principles as a mixture of spiritual and intellectual guidelines. Moreover, the harmony of Islam with human nature helps with the spread of Islam. Now our duty and mission is to present the noble and pure Islam, as it was revealed by Allah to His Prophet (S.A). We believe that a true and comprehensive understanding of Islam would not be possible without careful recognition of the Prophetic tradition and the Prophet's household. Nowadays, Muslims are being awakened throughout the world to there true identity. This awakening marks a new epoch in which on unprecedented search for understanding of Islam is taking place by means of which Muslims are attempting to solve their individual, social, spiritual and material problems within the life-giving teachings and doctrines of Islam. Indifference or negligence with regard to the Prophet's tradition is, in fact, negligence of the Glorious Qur`an, for the Glorious Qur`an confirms for Muslims all the words and acts of the Prophet (S.A). The Glorious Qur`an also has recounted traditions of the Prophet (S.A) as one of the original sources for the deduction of Islamic prescripts and laws. The Prophet (S.A) in a widely reported authentic tradition a says: "O. People, I leave among you two great and precious things which if you cling to them you not be led into error: The Book of Allah and my household."

 1. The Infallible Imams relate all their traditions from the Prophet (S.A).
 2. According to the Prophet's statements, the only way to salvation in the world is the obedience to The Glorious Qur`an and the Prophet's household.

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