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Science classes Buildings and department of mathematics

After holding engineering meetings the submitted tenders for Science classes Buildings and department of mathematics was evaluated and Ghadrkar firm was selected as the preferable contractor. On 2008-4-2 by handing the land over to this firm, the administrative operations of the project have been initiated and workshop equipping stage has been finalized. Base excavation has been finished and the places of foundations have been determined and contractor has started concreting and the operation of of creating foundation armature has been started.

Dormitory Self-service restaurant project

This project is almost completed on 2008-5-3 by Ajorbana firm. After eliminating the defects, to provide the cold and hot water,  installation of a secondary heat pump unit is needed which is being purchased and installed and connected to the main heat pump unit. To provide precinct area for the project, the related maps are prepared and the support and services affairs office's action is needed.

Department of electrical and industrial engineering projects

Concreting of the ceiling of the ground floor from the first stage of block B1 of industrial engineering department has been finished. Ceiling moulding of the basement from the first stage of block B2 is being implemented.  The project skeleton has been made. In electrical engineering building the sewage wells have been excavated. Also the columns of second stage from block A1 of this department have been transferred to the workshop and sandblasting and painting has been started. 
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