School of Physics-  B.Sc. in Physics
Undergradute courses

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General Physics I, II, III                            

General Physics Labs. I, II, III               


Modern Physics I, II                                                          

Quantum Mechanics I, II                   

Electromagnetism I, II                           

Thin Films Technology           


Vacuum Technology

Optics Lab.                                            

Physics of Semiconductors I, II

Applied Optics                                        

Physics of Crystallography

Statistical Mechanics                              

Nuclear Physics


Nuclear Physics Lab.

Applied Lasers                                      

Plasma Physics

Laser Physics                                        

Fluid Mechanics

Physics of Waves

Mathematical Physics I, II, III

Analytical Mechanics I, II                       

Solid State Physics


Electronics Lab. 

Modern Physics Lab. 

Experimental techniques in Atomic Physics

Spectra-Physics & Spectroscopy

General Meteorology


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