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IUST Sport is an experience of a lifetime! Not only student-athletes earn a degree, they will develop skills in addition to gaining an experience that will last forever. For over eighty years, learning and research at IUST has played a major part in the success of the city, the region and the nation. For almost as long, the university has pioneered the development of physical education and sport at all levels – from absolute beginner to the support of national and international class performers. Getting involved in sports at IUST is fun, easy and available to all, whether at elite or recreational level. The power of sport to motivate and inspire goes so much further than sporting skillfulness. Whatever your aspirations are – from keeping fit, learning a new activity, or becoming a coach, you will never have a better opportunity to get involved, meet new people and make new friends. IUST Sports has a principle that sport and recreation plays a significant part in the development of the social and cultural life of a community. We are committed to actively engaging the university and wider communities in sport and recreational activities that contribute to health and well-being of its people.

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