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Neural Engineering Research Institute

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Neural Engineering Research Institute


  Activities at IUST’s Neural Engineering Research Institute began early 1995 to address the rapidly advancing neural-muscle systems mechanisms. Approved by Iran’s office of Higher Education Council, the institute aims to provide mathematical models of neural systems on various levels. Areas of focus will include neural networks of sight, hearing, movement, and comprehension. The institute also aims to design and build a microelectronic system, which generates direct communication with the central nervous systems or the peripheral nerves, and controls the outside organs of the body, in the same manner that the central nervous system controls the human body naturally. Neural Engineering is among recent 21st century science and medical fields , which focuses research on neural and neural-muscle systems, diagnosis, and cure.

 It is noteworthy to mention specialization in electronics, telecommunications, control, computer, neural-technology, physiology, and medical engineering has crucial roles in neural Engineering.

The purpose of this technology is to design and build

  1. The neural-Muscle Systems Control research group

  2. The neural Engineering research group

  3. The Brain Control and Computer Interface Systems research group


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