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  MSc renovation course

  According to all documents and as we know ,our country,Iran,is one of rich world countries in the field of cultural,historical and virtual heritage which its witnesses are searchable in ancient surroundings,historical hills and traditional texturesof cities and villages.

  Renovation and revival of them and restoring life in different ways is a basic goal which is in direction of continuation of a rich and fruitful culture and adapted with ideal beliefs of tribes which have lived from long ago till today and remain layers narrate a very wise and educated life beside the nature and with nature.

  In First stage,MSc renovation course ,take into consideration presenting preserving. renovation foundations and revival and in second stage it presents solutions and experiences of other world’s country in this field.

  Buildings Technology and fortification (solidity) can be evaluate by occasional (case)examples.

  Finally,Different practices with observations and workshops can teach preserving way,renovation,fortification (solidity)and building and historicaltextures revive .

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