Vice Planing- Functions

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 1- Conducting necessary studies to design the structural pattern and plan systems and methods based on the University's needs,

2- Preparing the organizational chart and compiling the objectives and functions,

3- Conducting the feasibility study and reviewing continuously organization, university's systems and methods in order to make necessary modifications,

4- Reviewing the proposals received from the various parts of the University regarding creation, elimination and incorporation of the positions and grades, and providing amendment suggestions,

 5- Preparing and revising the required guidelines and methods,

 6- Improving the specialized employments up to the standards,

7- Conducting studies and planning for establishment of the optimum organizational system at the university,

 8- Preparing the annual budget, compiling agreements, providing amendments and supplementary to the University's budget in the framework of the laws and regulations,

9- Supervising the budget implementation,

 10- Making procedures to determine and organize the training programs,

 11- Planning for training programs for various specialized employments,

 12- Conducting the relevant secretarial affairs.

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