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  Address: west 12th floor, railway headquarters, abbasabad zone,

  Africa highway, argentine square, Tehran, Iran

  Tel: (+9821) 55649631

  Fax: (+9821) 55124179




  Research makes invention


  The railway research center (MATRAI), firstly as one of the offices of railway investigation and planning vice- presidency, named as the studies, research and international relations bureau was established in 1990 to organize and coordinate research activities of state railways.

  After several years' activities in different fields of rail industry, the above-mentioned bureau was expanded and renamed as railway research center which works under the control of railway vice president. The most activities of this center are railway specialty research projects. Furthermore, this research center has other activities, such as; keeping a close relation with state and abroad universities and research centers, supporting university thesis, establishing technical seminars and technical documents center.



  The major mission of the railway research center is as follows: perform, control and managing the developing and applicable research for upgrading safety, speed, capacity, quality, accuracy and productivity in purpose of increasing the all railway services based on international standards.




  · Increasing the quality and quantity of applied researches in all fields of railway engineering

 ·   Emphasize on research and technology based role for sustainable development of the railway industry




  · Investigation, recognition, evaluation and priority processing of railway research needs and doing related projects for solving them

  · Definition, doing and managing the necessary applicable researches with priority in privatization, responsibilities vesting, transit development, total productivity of production factor upgrading, railway share increasing among the other transportation schemes, safety increasing

  · Collecting and performance of applicable and executable methods for research management in railway

  · Collecting and performance the suitable strategies for developing and encouragement the research spirit in railway and also upgrading the railway researchers' capabilities

  · Strengthening the standard role in railway body

  · Close relation with state universities and other research centers by scientific, research intercourse and supporting university thesis

  · Close relation with abroad universities and other research centers and collecting railway experts' data bank and also scientific and research intercourse with related organizations such as UIC

  · Attempting in receiving the research supporting which is presentable in ministry of sciences, research and technology

  · Presenting and introducing the research activities in different railway departments and also out of railway



  The groups and units of the center are as follows:

  · Operation group

  · Way and works group

  · Design and engineering group

  · Signaling, telecommunication and electrified line group

  · Locomotive and car group

  · Machinery group

  · Transportation economy and strategic studies group

  · Planning and productivity group

  · Information technology group

  · Laboratory division

  · Administrative affairs department

  · Contract affairs unit

  · Supply unit


  Some of the important research projects

  · Design and construction of hybrid locomotive

  · Study and investigation the other countries experiments on natural disaster

  · Tracks classification and determine the track major specifications of developing plans (determine the proper standard for plans)

  · Study of radio network systems and compare them with other railways and present proper suggestion for developing radio network based on railway needs

  · Construction the automatic train control system ATC, PATC

  · Operating locomotive GT26 simulator system

  · Design and construction of rail bus and two purposes rail truck

  · Design and construction of the intelligent barrier system of railway level crossings

  · Design and construction of wheel and rail wear test system

  · Study of rail freight transportation potential in south pars (Asaloyeh)

  · Compare of economical and technical solutions for increasing Bafgh-Zarrinshahr railway capacity and suggest the proper solution

  · Investigation the modern methods of cutting resistance management

  · Investigation the methods of increasing the capacity of Sarakhs- Bandarabbas international corridor and operational solutions

  · Investigation the Iran-Pakistan rail transportation problems and challenges and suggest the plans

  · Study of track blocking management

  · Investigation the rail transport place in Iran transit and export development with consider the export

  · Introduction and compare of high speed railway and maglev system

  · Provide the railway track maintenance management

  · Technology and provide the instruction of thermite rail joint welding

  · Construction of composite shoes with low friction coefficient

  · Design and construction of vossloh and pandrol spring rail fastener fatigue test equipment

  · Modeling of railway track defects

  · Optimizing the container railway transportation condition


  Titles of some achievements and measures

  · Selecting this center as a superior research center in ministry roads and transportation

  · Selecting the superior researchers from the center staffs in the ministry roads and transportation

  · Selecting the superior researchers and staff from the center staffs in Iran

  · The Iranian agent in UIC research and technology department

  · Presenting papers in national conferences, UIC conferences, international level crossing conference in Canada, IHHA conference, WCRR conference, international symposium of Turkish railway, international safety railway conference and so on

  · Presenting papers in national conferences

  · Training the experts for appointment in management jobs


  Possibilities and equipments

  A- Technical documents center

  The center has the most equipped and complete rail technical documents center in Iran for utilizing by railway industry researchers and experts. There are technical rail books, reports, standards, projects, brochures and so on in the center. It is possible for rail researchers, university students, professors, and all those interested to use of this documents center.


  B- Test and laboratory equipments

  · Wear tester for wheel and rail (disc on disc)

  · Spring rail fastener fatigue test equipment

  · Universal testing machine

  · Impact tester

  · Hardness tester (Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell)

  · Profile Projector

  · Measurement tools

  · Ultrasonic testing equipment (UT)

  · Magnetic particle testing (MT)

  · Optical microscope equipped with photography

  · Polisher

  · Mounting press

  · Quant meter

  · FT-IR system

  · Chemical composition of metals

  · Industrial water analysis equipment

  · Oil and grease testing equipments

  · Equipment for sample construction

  · Melt flow index equipment (MFI)

  · Hardness tester (shore A and D)

  · Compression set

  · Impact tester (for polymer parts)

  · Density measurement kit


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