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Graduate Theses Supervised

  • Zakeri, M., “Photoelastic analysis of cracks under mode I, mode II and mixed mode loading” (PhD), 2008.
  • Aliha, M.R.M., “Mixed mode fracture in rock materials” (PhD), 2009.
  • Torabi, A.R.(PhD student), Expected year of graduation 2010.
  • Shadlu, S. (PhD student), Expected year of graduation 2011.
  • Akbardoost, J. (PhD student), Expected year of graduation 2012.

  • Shakeri, A. “Brittle fracture in mixed mode II/III”, (MSc), 2006.
  • Mostafavi, M. “Effects of loading mode on warm pre-stressed cracks”, (MSc), 2006.
  • Hashemi, R. “Fracture analysis of an angled crack reinforced by composite patching”, (MSc), 2005.
  • Bagherifard, S. “Analysis of brittle fracture in a ceramic test specimen”, (MSc), 2005.
  • Ashtari, R, “A statistical modeling for brittle fracture in marble samples,” (MSc), 2005.
  • Hasani, M, “Prediction of fracture trajectory in mode II crack specimens,”(MSc), 2005.
  • Rokhi, H, “Free vibration of beams containing double edge cracks,”(MSc), 2005.
  • Raghebi, M, “Finite element analysis of curved Timoshenko beam using mode acceleration method,”(MSc),2004.
  • Aliha, M.R.M., “Theoretical and experimental investigation of brittle fracture in the cracked semi-circular bend specimen,”(MSc), 2004.
  • Nikoobin, A, “Effect of lateral load on crack tip stresses using photoelasticity”(MSc), 2004.
  • Khojeh, A, “Vibration analysis of a plate with special crack elements,”(MSc),2004.
  • Alinia, A, “The effects of warm pre-stressing on brittle fracture in mode I loading,”(MSc), 2004.
  • Shokrani, A, “Crack tip parameters in an edge crack specimen under asymmetric four-point bending,”(MSc), 2003.
  • Nasr Esfahani, M, “Extraction of fracture curves using strain energy density criteria,”(MSc), 2003.
  • Asadkarami, A, “Evaluation of fracture in mode II punch-type specimens,”(MSc), 2002
  • Ardestani, S, “Mechanical and thermal shocks in multilayer circular plates”(MSc), 2002.
  • Safari, G.H., “Evaluation crack tip stresses using photoelasticity method,”(MSc), 2002.
  • Zanbilbaf, A, “Crack growth path in pure shear loading”,(MSc), 2002.
  • Abbasi, H, “Prediction of fracture initiation in angled cracked specimen”,(MSc), 2001.
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