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Director’s Message

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Director’s Message


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Welcome to IUST Sports Department! Founded in 1983 it has developed into a multi-purpose institution, offering a diverse curriculum to more than??? undergraduate and graduate students.

The IUST Sports has a proud tradition of excellence. The success of athletic programs can be partially measured by its extensive participation in national and international games. It is an enormous commitment that is given when an exceptionally talented student-athlete decides to come to IUST, both on the part of the individual as well as his/her parents. We at IUST Sports Department value the commitment they have made and in return, must provide the same commitment back, ensuring the quality of the student-athlete experience.

Through strong coaching, leadership, office support, and a guidance system unique to each team, we will ensure that each athlete will balance his/her academic responsibilities to the highest standards, while also achieving excellence at the highest standards athletically.

I invite you to browse our individual sport pages and thank you for your interest in IUST athletics.

Dr. Behrooz Barjasteh Mohebi

Director of IUST Sports Department

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