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:: Transmission Electron Microscopy ::
Transmission Electron Microscopy


 A Textbook for Materials Science

 Williams, David B., Carter, C. Barry

 2nd ed., 2009, 832 p. 694 illus., 494 in color., Softcover

 ISBN: 978-0-387-76502-0


 This groundbreaking text has been established as the market leader throughout the world. Now profusely illustrated with full color figures and diagrams throughout the text, Transmission Electron Microscopy: A Textbook for Materials Science, Second Edition, provides the necessary insight and guidance for successful hands-on application of this versatile and powerful materials characterization technique. For this first new edition in 12 years, many sections have been completely rewritten with all others revised and updated. The new edition also includes an extensive collection of questions for the student, providing approximately 800 for self-assessment and over 400 that are suitable for homework assignment.

 Key Features:

  · Undisputed market leader, now completely revised and updated

  · Ideal for use as a teaching text at the advanced undergraduate and graduate levels and as a hands-on reference for materials scientists

  · Explains why a particular technique should be used and how a specific concept can be put into practice

  · Nearly 700 figures and diagrams, most in full color






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:: Theoretical Surface Science ::
Theoretical Surface Science


 A Microscopic Perspective

 Groß, Axel

 Originally published in the series: Advanced Texts in Physics

 2nd ed., 2009, XIII, 342 p. 132 illus., 8 in color., Hardcover

 ISBN: 978-3-540-68966-9



 Progress continues in the theoretical treatment of surfaces and processes on surfaces based on first-principles methods, i.e. without invoking any empirical parameters. In this book, the theoretical concepts and computational tools necessary and relevant for a microscopic approach to the theoretical description of surface science is presented, together with a detailed discussion of surface phenomena. This makes the book suitable for both graduate students and for experimentalists seeking an overview of the theoretical concepts in surface science. This second enlarged edition has been carefully revised and updated, a new chapter on surface magnetism is included, and novel developments in theoretical surface science are addressed.

 From the first-edition reviews:

 "The book is very well suited for any surface scientist ... Using a clear no-nonsense style, the author shows many different aspects of surface science, starting from statics of clean surfaces, over surface impurities to the dynamics of reactions at surfaces and gas-surface interactions. …an ideal book to use in a graduate course." Physicalia

 "This is an excellent book that provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview from a microscopic point of view of the theoretical concepts and techniques appropriate to modern surface science. ... As a practicing surface theorist I found this text to be extremely interesting, informative and stimulating." The Physicist

 " The text refers to an enormous wealth of different theories and approaches, and the theoretical concepts are very relevant for all surface scientists. … " Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry

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