Amir Farhad Ehyaei


Electrical Engineering Department

PhD Thesis Defense Session


Motion Planning and Adaptive Control of a Two Cooperative Mobile Manipulator System

In this dissertation, motion planning and control of a system including two mobile manipulators with the aim of transporting a common rigid payload have been considered. In this regard, a dynamic model of the system has been derived and the corresponding equations have been solved via Kane method and Generalized-α algorithm, respectively. A 3D model has also been created by using Adams software to find the system parameters as close as possible to a similar system in real world.
Also, a randomized motion planner has been designed in presence of static and moving obstacles with regard to singularities and its performance has been demonstrated by numerical simulations. A decentralized hybrid position/force adaptive controller has also been designed based on a SPF reduced model of the system with the capability of shared joint torque distribution. Finally, stability of the system is proved by using a suitable Lyapunov function. Simulation results illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

By : Amir Farhad Ehyaei
Supervisor: Dr. Hossein Bolandi
  Referee Committee:  Prof. Bahrami, Dr. Khoogar, Dr. Jahed Motlagh,
Dr. Farrokhi, Dr. Esmaeilzadeh

Date: Sunday , 2011/11/20    Time: 17:00
         Place: Iran University of Science and Technology
             College of Electrical Engineering, Room: 303

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