The message of the Dean of the Faculty

Dr. Hossein Ghafouri
Head of the Faculty of Chemistry

In view of the increasing complexity and changes and the profound, deep and profound developments that occur every day in all areas of life, the minds and thoughts of scientists and opinion leaders who have a heart for the country's glory are directed towards missions such as the necessity of responding to the need of manpower in The specialized, technological, industrial sectors, the development of the basic sciences of Yoya has placed it at the edges of knowledge, entering the field of research of new knowledge, etc. In such a situation, the need to take some measures such as creating opportunities for creativity and innovation, flourishing potential abilities, and providing a platform for the working of abilities and skills for young people and talented people makes this border more and more inevitable.
Therefore, such approaches and attitudes have caused the school of chemistry, despite its youth and much less age than other schools and very old chemistry groups in the country, to have scientific knowledge and organizational equipment in line with the requirements and standards of higher education in line with the above documents and programs, the successful performance of this school. From the marriage of students and professors and those who are interested in continuing their studies in it, to speed up its development.
I firmly believe that with the presence of such master's degree students, doctors, and researchers of Yasad Katari who are determined, talented, energetic, willing, and hard-working, along with the teaching, guidance, and advice of an expert, responsible, thoughtful, and capable professors and the staff of this scientific environment, which should be rightfully After evaluating the list of the top chemistry schools of the country's prestigious universities, we can be more and more hopeful about its bright future. So that, God willing, with everyone's redoubled efforts, in the not-too-distant future, the fame, reputation, and scientific credibility of those similar institutions will be equal to the level of the most prestigious and prestigious universities in the world.

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