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The Centre of Excellence for Advanced Materials was established at Iran University of Science and Technology in response to the year 2000 initiatives of Iran Ministry of Science, Research and Technology who called for an increase in contributions in the merging science and technologies.  
The centre is built on its recognized expertise in the metals, ceramics and polymeric fields and is dedicated to developing interdisciplinary research and educational programs in high technology materials processing. The center's major priorities are to promote university-industry collaborations and meet their research problems, increased contributions in international scientific activities, and to develop new technologies in advanced materials processing.


TheCEAMP's aim is an ambitious one.  It strives to remain at the forefront of leading-edge research that provides obvious competitive advantages to its industrial partners, while at the same time produce students who are able to excel in a fiercely competitive business world.


  • To promote research and train qualified personnel in the field of advanced materials
  • To strengthen collaborations between university and industry
  • To establish and promote international scientific collaboration
  • To increase the centers contributions in the merging science and technology


    Administratively,the CEAMP has a Director, a Co-Director and a Centre Manager. Committees consist of an Advisory Board to which its Director reports,together with an Executive Committee of Professors. 

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    Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials & Processing