Parallel Computing Laboratory

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Parallel Computing Laboratory
About Us:
Researchers have begun to concentrate on and lean toward the theory of parallel computing as a result of the growing need for basic science fields like mathematics, physics, statistics, chemistry, and engineering to high-performance computing to solve problems like finding the solution of the linear equation system with high dimensions, which is used in weather forecasting and image creation, etc. To establish a suitable environment for the implementation and development of parallel algorithms, the parallel computing laboratory in the Faculty of Mathematics was founded in 2006. It began operations by clustering ten computer servers running the Windows operating system. In addition, the effective and focused processing of a significant quantity of data is necessary for the resolution of many issues. Traditional data analysis has become unfeasible due to the volume and complexity of the data, thus new ideas in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing must be explored and learned to properly analyze the data. Knowing arithmetic, statistics, and constructing algorithms are one of the most crucial building blocks of studying data science and artificial intelligence. This laboratory's overarching objective is to investigate and identify practical issues in data science and artificial intelligence, to educate doctoral students to become knowledgeable teachers of this science, and to educate competent academics and senior organizational decision-makers in this area. Hopefully, the scientific community of Iran University of Science and Technology's Faculty of Mathematics continue to succeed in its aim to enhance and promote contemporary knowledge.

Dr. Rahman Farnoosh, Prof.


Dr. Touraj Nikazad, Associate prof. 






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