Mathematical Modeling Laboratory

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Mathematical Modeling Laboratory

1. Collaboration in the organization of the fifth knowledge-based engineering and innovation conference (KBEI-2019), which took place at the Iran University of Science and Technology on March 9 and 10, 2017. The faculty's modeling laboratory is delighted that the conference's key contributors were laboratory personnel and that the meeting was carried out under the close supervision of this scientific institution. The conference's publications have been included in the esteemed IEEE index, one of the most recognized indexes in the world.
2. The nation's universities have provided scientific and spiritual support for the planning of a series of national conferences on business intelligence and strategies to advance business intelligence knowledge in the nation and provide a venue for the interaction of managers, researchers, and other interested parties. The second national conference on the application of business intelligence took place on February 25, 2017, in the Imam Khomeini Hall of the Iran University of Science and Technology, with the participation of managers, experts, students, and those interested in the field. The conference was organized with the assistance of the Modeling Laboratory at the Faculty of Mathematics. According to license number ISC 97181-12601, every article presented at this conference was also included in the Jan Islam Citation Database.
3. The conference on innovative techniques in teaching and research, where members of the faculty of mathematics' modeling laboratory serve as the major pillars of the conference's scientific portion, is one of the most prominent conferences in the nation's education and draws a sizable audience. The aforementioned conference with the ISC profile was organized in 2017 in the educational facility of the Mahmoudabad oil industry in Mazandaran province.
4. Submitting three research proposals to the Vice President for Science and Technology is consistent with university collaborations with national institutions and organizations, which are now undergoing examination. Mr Dr Iranmanesh, the general director of administration and information technology for the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, has attended many meetings in this respect so far that have been held at the laboratory and Vice Presidency for Science and Technology. 
5. Initial discussions for scientific cooperation with Saipa Information Technology Company (FASA) have been held, and contracts for such cooperation will be reached with the aforementioned center under these meetings. 
6. Memorandum of collaboration between the Mathematical Modeling Laboratory of Iran University of Science and Technology and Virazma Infrastructure Network Company.
  Dr. Mohammad Bagher Ghaemi,
Associate Prof.



Dr. Asdollah Aghajani ,Prof.


Dr. Jalil Rashidinia, Prof.


Dr.  Mahboubeh Molavi Arabshahi،,Assistant Prof.

Dr. Morteza Garshasbi, Assistant Prof.





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