Area of Research

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Appliction Area

Facculty expertise 
  • R.Farnoosh (Financial Mathematic, Image Analysis, Probabilistic Approaches for Solving Inverse Diffusion Problems)
  • R.Ahmadi (System Reliability Modeling, Maintenance Optimization, Reliability Theory, Applied Operations Research)

 Facculty expertise 
  • M.Hadian  (Crytography and it’s applications, Analytic Number Theory)
  • S.Mashhadi (Cryptography, Quantum Cryptography, post-Quantum Cryptography)

Facculty expertise
  • J.Rashidinia (Numerical Analysis Numerical solution of differential and entegral equations ,Splines Sinc and Radial Basis, Functions Approximation)
  • T.Nikazad  (Image reconstruction techniques Iterative methods for linear systems (LARG, Sparse, Ill-posed) Stopping rules)
  • M.Garshasbi (Numerical solution of PDE’s, Inverse Heat Transfer problems, Numerical solution of IE’s )
  • M.Arabshahi  (Numerical analysis ,Numerical solution of PDE’s ,Mathematical modelingNumerical Analysis)

Facculty expertise
  • J.Vahidi (Mathematics for Computer Science Data Mining Optimization)

Facculty expertise
  • M. Nadjafikhah (Differential Geometry ,Equivalnece, Theory Geometric Control)
  • A. Dehghannejad (Geometry ,Cohomological Equation, Dynamical System)
  • P. Kabinejad (Differential Geometry, Solution of partiol Differentional, Equations Equivalence Theory, Manifold learning)

Facculty expertise
  • Z. Mostaghim (Group theory, Combinatorics ,Number theory)
  • M. Alaeiyan (Permutation groups ,Graph Theory, Coding Theory)

Facculty expertise
  • A.Aghjani  (Ordinary Differential, Equations Partial Differential , Equations Fixed Point Theory & Applications)
  • R. Saadati (Stochastic functional analysis, Fuzzy topology, Fixed Point Theory & Applications)
  • M.B Ghaemi (Operator Theory ,Spectral Theory ,Local Spectral Theory)
  • S.Saiedinezhad

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