Vision and Mission Statment

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Vision Statement
The University of Science and Technology's School of Mathematics is a national and worldwide pioneer in education, the creation of science, and the training of skilled and productive employees in research and the advancement of the boundaries of knowledge. By advancing science-based rationalism, particularly Mathematics, we hope to explain why the institution and the nation are so excellent. Accordingly, we have worked very hard to raise the standard of research and the breadth of instruction. 



Mission Statement

Education and research serve as the foundation for the school's work, and all of the services, endeavors, and plans that are developed are directed toward achieving these objectives. Undoubtedly, education plays a crucial role in developing human resources, teaching proper technology usage, and in system planning. A category like this has to be professionally planned, managed, and equipped with a wider variety of teaching resources.

Value Statement

We hold the conviction that knowledge—including Mathematics, which is one of its indisputable components—is a divine gift, the source of which is God Almighty. As a result, we ought to make every effort to make the most of this gift, pass it on, and improve how we use it in our daily lives. God-centeredness, self-assurance, rationality, advancing justice, meritocracy, and the creation and distribution of valuable information are the School of Mathematics' core ideals.




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