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  The individual needs peace, health and effectiveness in biological, psychological, and social aspects in order to enjoy a successful life. Quick social –cultural changes result in family construct changes, complexity and spreading of human communication networks, and a variety of information resources.

  Communities that adults and teenagers face today are filled with problems and challenges we must try to overcome. The university and collegian environment consists of young educated people of society who are faced with numerous challenges and changes. And in order to provide mental, psychological, social, and overall support of students and collegian members, we need the support and cooperation of members of society in the areas of communication, critical thinking, developing skills and capabilities for conscious decision making, ability to deal with routine stresses and emotions, increasing self efficacy, creating effective relationships, and attaining other social- psychological capabilities. The first year at the university is a difficult year of growth, development, and adjustment for students. Their separation from family and adaptation to the university and dormitory environment can be very stressful. It is therefore, necessary to take the initiatives for developing student and colleagues' individual and social psychological health to address these changes.

  IUST established the counseling center for the development of psychological health and the prevention of future psychological problems.

  Part1: Goals

  Article1: The Counseling Center's primary goal is to provide timely and comprehensive services to students and staff for the overall mental and social health. These special goals include:

  1-1: Developing collegian psychological awareness and insight on obstacles and issues facing the student community.

 1-2 Ensuring confidentiality and equipping students with the ability to identify their capabilities and problems in the best possible manner.

  1-3: Assisting students in making conscious and wise choices.

  1-4:Assisting students involved in behavioral, emotional, cognitive, educational, family, and marital problems.

  1-5: Providing services collaboratively with compassion, respect, and sensitivity to students' unique challenges.

  1-6:Assisting students in solving academic, emotional – behavioral, and mental health problems.

  1-7:Creating necessary fields to develop healthy interpersonal professor-student relations at the university.

  Part2: Duties

  Article 2 : Duties of the student consulting center include:

  2-1: Identify and highlight student talents and interests, and provide them with a plan to develop their talents towards professional and academic use.

  2-2: Provide individual student sessions with experts and professionals in psychology, consultation, psychiatry, and social work. .

  2-3: Investigate student problems in the university, in order to recognize traumatic factors.

  2-4: Offer services to solve problems related to educational, family, marital, work, and behavioral problems.

  2-5:Establish effective relations with other university units, in order to help solve student problems.

  2-6: Consult with students in areas of social relations, annual report presentations, and activities, and reporting them to university officials and the office of counseling affairs.

  2-7:Conduct an annual report analyzing student problems on a psychological-social scale, and present this report to university officials and the office of counseling affairs.

  2-8: Conduct workshops and educational courses for students and collegians in order to develop their psychological health.

  2-9: Present expertise opinion pertaining student problems to university officials and related ministry.

  2-10: Refer students to other supportive counseling resources in society for further follow-ups.

  2-11: Urge students to participate in various psychological health activities.

    Part3: Organizations and foundations

  Article3: The student counseling center at IUST is established as an independent unit under the support of the university's collegian deputy.

  Provision: If necessary a branch of the student counseling center will be established in the faculties or dormitories responsible for policy making, planning, controlling and evaluating the functions of these branches.

  Article4: The manager appointed to the consulting center has been selected by the collegian deputy and confirmed by the university chancellor.

  Article5: All universities have a counseling office entitled, "Student Counseling Planning Center", in which they approve plans, supervise performances, and evaluate the overall activities of the consulting center. This office includes the following members:

  1-5: university collegian deputy (chief of council)

  2-5: university consulting center manager(secretary of council)

  3-5: director general of academic services

  4-5:director general of cultural affairs

  5-5: director general of student affairs

  6-5: two experts in consultation and psychology – preferably faculty members- recommended by the consulting center director, approved by the collegian deputy and university president.

  Provision1: The secretary of council has the authority to use active student opinions, to participate in some sessions if necessary.

  Provision2: Decisions of the student council planning center are made according to majority opinion and employed by the university collegian deputy.

  Article6: Consultants and therapists of the university consulting center must be experts in the fields of consultation , psychology , psychiatry and social work.

  Provision: In order to provide consulting services and psychotherapy, the consulting center must employ required female and male experts.

  Part4: Budget

  Article7: Budget for the consulting center is obtained from the annual university budget planning.

  Article8: This regulation, which had been repealed originally in 1994, was again approved by the planning council consulting central office in 2004 in 4 parts, 8 articles, and 5 provisions by the university board of trustees, regulation 15 (the regulation number 15 ( the regulation of establishing counseling center for students in universities ).

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