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:: Art 2007-Baziar ::
  1. Baziar MH. and Jafarian Y, Assessment of liquefaction triggering using strain energy concept and ANN model: Capacity Energy, Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, No. 12, 27(2007) 1056-1072.
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:: Art 2007-Shayanfar ::
  1. Shayanfar MA, Ghalehnovi M. and Safiey A, Corrosion effects on tension stiffening behavior of reinforced concrete, Computers and Concrete, No. 5, 4(2007) 403-424.
  2. Shayanfar M.A, Massah S.R, and Rahami H. An Inverse Reliability Method Using Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithm, World Applied Science Journal, IDOSI Publications, No. 6, 2(2007) 594-601.

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:: Art 2007- Saka ::
  1. Saka MP, Optimum geometry design of geodesic domes using harmony search algorithm , Advances in Structural Engineering, No. 6, 10(2007) 595-606.
  2. Saka MP, Optimum topological design of geometrically nonlinear single layer latticed domes using coupled genetic algorithm , Computers & Structures, Nos. 21-22, 85(2007) 1635-1646.
  3. Kameshki ES, Saka MP, Optimum geometry design of nonlinear braced domes using genetic algorithm , Computers & Structures, Nos. 1-2, 85(2007) 71-79.
  4. Khalaf AA. and Saka MP, Evolutionary structural optimization of steel gusset plates , JOURNAL OF Constructional Steel Research, No. 1, 63(2007) 71-81.
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:: Art 2007-ahmadi ::
  1. Zhang XY. and Ahmadi G, Effects of capillary force and surface deformation on particle removal in turbulent flows , Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, No. 16, 21(2007) 1589-1611.
  2. Nasr H. and Ahmadi G, The effect of two-way coupling and inter-particle collisions on turbulence modulation in a vertical channel flow , International Journal of Heat And Fluid Flow, No. 6, 28(2007) 1507-1517.
  3. Zare A, Abouali O. and Ahmadi G, Computational investigation of airflow, shock wave and nano-particle separation in supersonic and hypersonic impactors , Journal of Aerosol Science, No. 10, 38(2007) 1015-1030.  
  4. Nikbakht A, Abouali O. and Ahmadi G, Nano-Particle Beam Focusing in Aerodynamic Lenses-An Axisymmetric Model , Scientia Iranica, No. 3, 14(2007) 263-272.
  5. Nazridoust K. and Ahmadi G, Computational modeling of methane hydrate dissociation in a sandstone core , Chemical Engineering Science, No. 22, 62(2007) 6155-6177.
  6. Salmanzadeh M, Rahnama M and Ahmadi G, Particle transport and deposition in a duct flow with a rectangular obstruction , Particulate Science and Technology, No. 5, 25(2007) 401-412.
  7. Ahmadi G, Ji C. and Smith DH, Natural gas production from hydrate dissociation: An axisymmetric model , Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Nos. 1-2, 58(2007) 245-258.
  8. Zamankhan P, Ahmadi G. and Fan FG, Effects of corotron size and parameters on the dielectric substrate surface charge , Journal of Electrostatics, Nos. 10-11, 65(2007) 709-720.
  9. Ahmadi G, Ji CA. and Smith DH, Production of natural gas from methane hydrate by a constant downhole pressure well , Energy Conversion and Management, No. 7, 48(2007) 2053-2068.
  10. Tian L. and Ahmadi G, Particle deposition in turbulent duct flows - comparisons of different model predictions , Journal of Aerosol Science, No. 4, 38(2007) 377-397.
  11. Zhang HF, Ahmadi G. and Asgharian B, Transport and deposition of angular fibers in turbulent channel flows , Aerosol Science and Technology, No. 5, 41(2007) 529-548.
  12. Ahmadi G. and Guo SG, Bumpy particle adhesion and removal in turbulent flows including electrostatic and capillary forces , Journal of Adhesion, Nos. 1-3, 83(2007) 289-311.
  13. Ahmadi G, Guo SG. and Zhang XY, Particle adhesion and detachment in turbulent flows including capillary forces , Particulate Science and Technology, No. 1, 25(2007) 59-76.
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:: art 2007 ::
  • A discrete particle swarm ant colony optimization for design of steel frames (A. Kaveh, S. Talataharib) An efficient graph-theoretical force method for three-dimensional finite element analysis (A. Kaveh, K. Koohestani)
  • Buckling load of planar frames with semi-rigid joints using weighted symmetric graphs (A. Kaveh, L. Shahryari)
  • Decomposition of symmetric mass–spring vibrating systems using groups, graphs and linear algebra (A. Kaveh, M. Nikbakht)
  • Efficient finite element analysis by graph-theoretical force method (A. Kaveha, K. Koohestani, N. Taghizadieh)
  • Eigenfrequencies of symmetric planar frames with semi-rigid
  • Eigensolution for free vibration of planar frames by weighted graph symmetry (A. Kaveh, B. Dadfar)
  • Graph theoretical topology control in structural optimization of frame bracing systems (A. Kaveh, M. Shahrouzi) center
  • Joints using weighted graphs (A. Kaveh, L. Shahryari)
  • Online detection of the breathing crack using an adaptive tracking technique (K. Sholeh, A. Vafai, and A. Kaveh)
  • Optimal Design of Scissor-Link Foldable Structures Using Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm (A. Kaveh, S. Shojaee)
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