Simulation and Control Research Laboratory

  Simulation and Control Research Laboratory

  Directed by: Sh. Shahosseini (Associate Prof.)

  Joined by: M. T. Sadeghi (Assistant Prof.), M. Shirvani (Assistant prof.)

    Process Control and Simulation Research Laboratory has started its activities since 2002. It offers basic and advanced chemical engineering courses within the framework of the university and provides sufficient professional software and hardware facilities for the researchers and postgraduate students. It is equipped with a clustered computing system, which consists of 18 high speed computers.

  The objectives of the laboratory are to conduct researches in the fields of chemical engineering process simulation, optimization and control, in order to help chemical and biochemical industries improve their performance and develop more efficient equipments and processes.

  The present members of the research laboratory are two associate professors, 8 Ph.D. students, 11 Masters of Eng. students, and five undergraduate students.

  Some selected researches that have been completed in this laboratory are:

  •   Fluidized bed reactor modeling, design and pilot plant construction.
  •  CFD simulation of fluidized bed polymerization reactor.
  •  CFD simulation of hydrocracking Isomax reactor
  •   CFD simulation of water gas separators
  •   Modeling and computer based control of distillation and heat exchanger processes.
  •  Pilot plate construction and modeling of NH3 and CO2 reactive adsorption column.
  •  On-line computer control of an industrial ethanol distillation unit.
  •  Simulation of Hyaluronic Acid Production process.
  •  Simulation of SBR waste water treatment reactors.
  •  Simulation of Batch and fed-batch PHB production using Ralstonia eutropha
  •  Dynamic Modeling and Control of the Rotary Sugar Drying Process.
  •  Fuzzy supervisory control of a pilot packed distillation column.
  •  Neuro-Fuzzy control of a distillation column 


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