Separation Processes Research Laboratory

 Membrane Processes Research Lab.

  Directed by: T. Mohammadi (Prof.)

  Joined by: S.N. Ashrafizadeh (Asociate prof.), S. Rowshanzamir (Asistant prof.)


  Separation processes in almost all chemical industries are required to separate, concentrate, and /or purify one or more constituent of a given mixture of compounds in different phases. Membrane Separation Processes, as new and fast growing separation processes are taking a unique place in chemical, petrochemical, refinery, dairy, etc industries since they need low energy to run, no chemical agent for operation, operate in mild conditions of ambient temperature and low to moderate pressure, and have very low environmental impacts.

  Research Centre for Membrane Separation Processes has been established since 1998 in School of Chemical Engineering in Iran University of Science and Technology to investigate different membrane separation processes and membrane manufacturing techniques in order to nationalize these technologies.

  This center has been equipped with some pilot plants of Gas Separation, Pervaporation

  /Membrane Distillation, Reverse Osmosis/Ultrafiltration/Microfiltration and some other equipments like UV/Spectrophotometer, Gas Chromatography, optical microscope, Extruder (bench and pilot), film casting device, furnaces, ovens (ordinary and vacuum), and many PCs.

  5 PhD, 95 MSc., and 200 BSc. students have been graduated from this center and 6 PhD, 15 MSc. and 12 BSc. students are currently working in this research center.

  It must be mentioned that to enhance industrial performance of many industries and to troubleshoot some others, many projects were performed and some are running, either in bench or in pilot scale in this center.

  Also, more than hundreds of scientific (ISI) papers have been published and many patents scientifically and commercially registered.

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