Advanced Separation Processes Lab

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:  Title of Laboratory

  (Advanced Separation Processes (ASP

:  Supervisor

  Dr. S.N. Ashrafizadeh

  Founded on 1988

:  Research Colleagues

  Dr. A. Rahbar

 : Brief  

  Research Lab for Advanced Separation Processes (ASP), established in 1988, has inimitable team of research experts. The focus of ASP basically is to assist the developing path to upgrade the separation processes of chemical and process industries in Iran. Conducting multiple projects in the fields of extraction and/or purification of chemical products is main research activity and domain of interests within ASP. Most of its skilled researchers who have been graduated in diverse fields of separation branches are now hired in key/basic industrial centers while some others are educating at high ranked international universities.

  ASP is honored to contribute with universities in USA, the Netherland, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, and Italy to perform some joint projects which has given rise to valuable publications possessed in common. ASP expects to play a role as an academic brand to deliver various consulting services to industrial society of Iran.

 : Research fields include separation processes based on

  •   Liquid membrane
  •   Foam separation
  •   Emulsions, micelles, and reversed micelles
  •   Solvent extraction
  •   Adsorption
  •   Liquid-liquid extraction
  •   Stabilization of suspension systems
  •   Combined membrane-electricity-interfacial tension separation processes such as: electrophoresis, electroosmosis, and electrodialysis
  •   Crude oil and oil cuts purification and separation processes
  •   Water and waste water purification
  •   Production of advanced materials by use of interfacial systems


  •   Consulting and designing water/waste water treatment processes
  •   Consulting and designing processes for extraction of minerals and purification systems
  •   Consulting and designing petrochemical processes
  •   Consulting and designing particular systems for transportation of heavy crude oil
  •   Consulting on EOR systems
  •   Consulting and designing various types of drilling muds

  Lab Equipments and set ups

  •   Dialysis apparatus
  •   Biofilteration apparatus
  •   Nanofilteration apparatus
  •   Oil/Water seperator apparatus
  •   Granule coating machine
  •   Membrane demoisturizing apparatus for natural gas
  •   Core flooding apparatus
  •   Emulsion/Suspension analyzing and evaluating devices


  Research Activities

  • Research projects: 17 joint projects in contribution with domestic institutes, universities, R&D centers
  • Industrial projects: 14 industrial projects including petrochemical, oil, water, sewage, lubrication, bitumen, tar, and coating industries
  • Thesis supervisions: Over than 80 MSc and 10 PhD thesis


 : Publication

  •   ISI articles: more than 80 papers
  •   ISc article: more than 30 papers
  •   International conference papers and presentations: Over 100 papers
  •   Iranian patents: 6 registered patents
  •   Domestic book publication: 1 book in persian
  •   Contribution in publishing books: 6 book chapters

Contact us via

  Phone: +98 (21) 77240496

  Fax: +98 (21) 77240495

  Email: ;

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