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  • PHD

PhD Program in Automotive Engineering


The Automotive Engineering PhD program is the highest academic degree in the Department of Automotive Engineering. This program seeks to educate students to a level of expertise in the management field of R&D projects for the automotive industry, while also train individuals with inspirational minds for the development and transfer of automotive technology and relevant needs. PhD students who graduate successfully will have the potential to engage in educational and research positions within the universities.

PhD program aims to convey the most recent knowledge on relevant subjects in the field of Automotive engineering, while offer   advanced educational and research methods.

Length and contents

This PhD program takes 5 years to complete, and includes two components - coursework and research. The coursework phase begins  from the time of enrollment, and lasts for a maximum of four 16-week semesters. At the end of this phase students take a general exam, and upon approval proceed to the research phase of the program, where the student works on his or her project under the supervision of a supervisor and a conducting committee.

  • MSC

Master’s students at IUST's automotive department major in one of the following three fields:

1) Body and Structure

• Vehicle body design including joints and stiffeners

• Research in the field of non-metallic bodies

• Management of design and industrial units

• Vehicle body analysis

• Educational activities in the field of vehicle body design

• National standards codification about vehicle body design and vehicle safety

• Supervision of vehicle body test laboratories

2) Chassis's Systems

• Design of chassis's systems and its complexes

• Research about vehicle dynamics

• Management of design and industrial units

• Analysis of vehicle suspension, brake and steering systems

• National standards codification about vehicle dynamics and chassis's systems

• Supervision of vehicle dynamics and vehicle chassis's systems test laboratories

3) Power train systems

• Piston engines and its complexes design

• Research in the field of piston engines

• Management of design and industrial units

• Piston engines mechanisms design

• Supervision of vehicle engines test laboratories

• Ability of accomplishing applicable research projects in the field of internal combustion engines

4) Advanced Automotive Materials and Manufacturing Methods

  • Composites in Automotive Applications
  • Advanced Polymers
  • Nanomaterials in Automotive Applications
  • Creep, Fatigue, and Fracture in Automotive Applications
  • Casting and Solidification Phenomena in Automotive Applications
  • Advanced Welding, Adhesion and Joining Methods in Automotive
  • Superplastic Forming in Automotive
  • • Design of chassis's systems and its complexes


5) Automotive Electronics and Electrical Systems

  • Automotive Electronics
  • Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles
  • Data Acquisition, Signal Conditioning / Processing, and Networks in Automotive systems
  • Powertrain of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
  • Intelligent Vehicles and Intelligent Transportation Technologies
  • Automotive Control System Design
  • Automotive electric systems design
  • Automotive Control Systems, Software and Hardware
  • Battery Management System Design

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