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S. S. Shahebrahimi, A. Lork, D. Sedaghat Shayegan, A. A. Kardoust,
Volume 14, Issue 1 (1-2024)

One of the important factors in the efficiency of construction operations is the proper replacement construction projects of the construction site layout planning (CSLP). That this would not be possible without oversight of the factors affecting it. Therefore, the study of factors affecting the replacement of construction site layout is considered vital in projects. Different factors are involved in the replacement of CSLP, which examine the economic dimension and the effects of changing costs and time during work. Due to the complexity of the subject, it is solved using hyper-innovative algorithms. This research is a linear programming model for optimizing the layout of equipment for Launcher/Receiver (L/R) stations. Due to the complexity of the problem, the invasive weed algorithm was used to achieve an optimal response. The goal is to minimize the total costs associated with transportation, relocation and relocation, and changes during implementation. The results of the calculations and output of the algorithm showed the variation of the answer in the optimal layout of the CSLP, which was obtained at the lowest distance and the most optimal mode. The results were presented in a similar scenario in the projects.

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