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:: Advanced Casting Course ::
A professional course about “Advanced Castings” was held on 21 May in Department of Metallurgy & Materials Engineering of Iran University of Science and Technology. This course was taught by Professor John Campbell from School of Metallurgy and Materials of Birmingham University.
Prof. Campbell, as the most significant scientist on casting science, is the author of about 150 papers, approximately 20 patents and two books “CASTINGS 2003” and “CASTINGS PRACTICE 2004” published by Elsevier. He holds two masters degrees and two doctorates, is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Materials, and the Institute of Cast Metal Engineers. The TMS event the ‘John Campbell Symposium’ continues every other year in the USA as the Shape Casting Symposium.
His current major activity in the UK is the development of a process to cast tonnage quantities of lowest cost and highest quality Ni-base superalloys, and in the USA is the launch of a casting operation to produce Al shaped castings by a new process resulting in high quality and strength but at competitive costs.
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