IUST Asphalt mixtures and Bitumen Research Center (ABRC) is one the first research centers in this field in the whole nation. It has been established in order to meet research needs and the country's shortage in the fields of pavement, bitumen and asphalt mixtures. Through various committees and partnerships, ABRC serves the community as a center for health, safety, and environmental matters. It promotes petroleum asphalt as a safe and environmentally friendly construction material for highways, streets, and roofing systems through a program of scientific research and technological developments.
Investigation and recognition of research needs, execution of research, practical and developing projects, and implementation of scientific and technical consultation affairs in asphalt mixtures and bitumen are the major aims of our center.
ABRC laboratories are leading facilities in asphalt industry research, testing and analysis.
Our labs are recognized for leadership in solutions to technical issues that impact the asphalt industry, and serve as focal point for the application of new technologies based on the highest standards of performance.  
Our center provides technical support to member companies, users and agencies through on-site job visits, consulting, training, presentation and information gathering. With special arrangements, field engineers are available to national members as well.
ABRC mission is to promote the use, benefits, and quality performance of asphalt and bitumen through environmental, marketing, research, engineering and technical development, and through the resolution of issues affecting the industry. It will achieve its mission through a commitment to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct and the development of its people, technical expertise, and relationships.
ABRC will promote the use of petroleum asphalt/bitumen and will continue to be the effective center for handling issues facing asphalt suppliers. It will serve as the focalpointfor developing applications of new technologies and create a positiveenvironmentfor continuing asphalt demand based on the highest performance standards.

AWT IMAGE Dr. Hassan Ziari
Director, ABRC

Email: h.ziari@iust.ac.ir



Administrative Board

According to the letter of agreement signed between Supreme Council of Education, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and Iran University of Science and Technology, the organization board of ABRC is as following:
1-Manager Board: It is as of university.
2-Research Board: It consists of two faculties introduced by the university chancellor, two agents from the Ministry of Roads and Transportation and the director of ABRC. Members are appointed for four years and re-election is allowed.
3-Director: He is appointed among experts and professors in the related field, by proposition of the university chancellor and confirmation of related authorities.


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