Research and Innovation System Management is an integrated organization planned to improve research and innovation in diverse fields such as economy, society, politics, culture and environment, in national as well as international level.
Research and Innovation Management is committed to:

  • Encourage university departments to pursue research plans and attract research budgets,
  • Monitoring the implementation of contracts for conducting research projects, editing and translating books aimed at speeding up the contracts.
  • Inquire into research activities of departments’ research councils and research groups,
  • Support faculty members in attending national and international conferences or sabbatical programs,
  • Encourage faculty members in publishing articles in journals,
  • Generalizing and extending research among all the university body,
  • Offer special facilities for graduate and post graduate students,
  • Create research atmosphere in academic groups and provide facilities for research oriented plans,
  • Giving research credit to faculty members based on research records.


Quantitative Objectives:

  • Increasing the number of research plans up to the required minimum for each faculty, after fulfillment of current research plans.
  • Increasing the number of papers up to the required minimum for each faculty.
  • Increasing the number of faculty members involved in laboratories and research centers.
  • Expanding utilization of information technology as the basement of research area.

Qualitative Objective:
Preparing suitable research conditions in IUST and initiating the basics of scientific structure to prevail research atmosphere over the university requires us to take more efficacious pace toward our integrated and research oriented community. To that end, the following qualitative objects have been considered through:

  • Revision to the university bureaucracy and structure by
    • Decentralization and abridgement of legislating and executing research procedures by enacting Research Credit Allocation bill,
    • Establishing and expanding research laboratories on the basis of faculty positions,
    • Establishing research centers on the basis of active faculties and resolute students,
    • Strengthening the university research oriented structure
    • Offering grants to faculty members based on research potentials and capabilities,
    • Enforcing applied research infrastructures and maintaining sustainable relations between the university and industry as establishing science & research parks,
  • Promoting group researches by:
    • Initiating and enriching research units type one, two and three in the university,
    • Attracting national and international researchers by rearing Ph.D. programs and supporting sabbatical leaves,
  • Extending fundamental research in pure sciences to support demanding engineering fields,
  • Prioritizing investments in research infrastructures including information networks, scientific resources and laboratory equipment.

Future Plans

    • Revising university research rules and regulation and credit deservingness
    • Optimizing the function of all research centers and groups, laboratories and centers of excellence
    • Automating the process of controlling laboratory services
    • Arousing liveliness in research assistants of departments with the intention of empowering their authorities and decentralizing university structure.

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