Cryptography and Data Security Laboratory

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Cryptography and Data Security Laboratory
Aboat Us:
       The growth of this field of mathematical sciences is accelerating day by day as a result of the emergence of new technologies, the requirement for their security, the encryption of transmitted data, and the necessity to be impervious to unwanted access. The necessity for new, fast techniques of content encoding and decoding has also come to light as a result of the speedy processing of information by computer systems. On the contrary, it has drawn attention to virtual currencies in exchanges as a result of the desire of nations, including our own, for economic stability and protection from all types of crises. Because of this, the necessity for secure data transfers and storage has grown, which has contributed to the development of this area of mathematics.
Plans and horizons:
•    Students' familiarity with this field of science; 
•    The preparation and training of forthcoming software; 
•    The identification of such laboratories' capabilities to pertinent bodies and organizations
•    Doing fundamental research to advance scientific knowledge; 
•    Conducting applied research to address issues and conundrums facing the nation; 
•    Offering specialized workshops this year and in the years to come, such as a workshop on code at the 49th National Mathematical Conference.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
 Dr. Masoud Hadian, Prof.


Dr. Samaneh Mashhadhi,
Assistant Prof.

Dr. Zohreh Mostaghim,
Assistant Prof.



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