Conf. Papers

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  1.  “Implementation of an AMR Magnetic Sensor by Means of a Microcontroller to Achieve More Accurate Response”, 21th Conference on Electrical Engineering,2013.

  2. “a roubust fault detection and isulation method for quadruple tank process“,international manufacturing engineering conference,2013..

  3. ''Lyapunov – based nonlinear output feedback control of a flexible link robot”, IEEE Int.  Conference on advanced computer control (ICACC 2009), 2009.

  4. ''Adaptive nonlinear sensor output feedback control of a flexible robot arm'', IEEE Int. conference on computer and electrical engineering 2008.
  5. ''Linear analytical modeling of a flexible robot arm for control applications'', 16th Iranian Int. conference on electrical engineering (ICEE 2008), 2008.

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