Electrical Engineering

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 Electrical Engineering

school of Electrical Engineering was established 1928. It benefits from 57 well-experienced faculty members and is equipped with a complex of laboratories and workshops. The school offers study programs leading towards, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees with the current student population of over 560 B.SC, 510 M.Sc and 180 Ph.D. students.In 2006, the school was recognized by Irans Ministry of Science, Research and Technology as a Center of Excellence in Automation and Power Systems Applications. With help and cooperation of its well-renowned faculty,the school pioneered the first Iranian Electronic Research center and established a number of specialized research groups.


Research achievements within past four years:

  • publication of 482 ISI journal papers in highly accredited nationaland international engineering journals,
  •  Presentation of approximately 1800 conference papers in scientific and engineering events,
  •  Authorship and translation of 38 booktitles,
  •  Recipient of distinguished national professorship awards on two occasions,
  •  Recipient of five titles in highly prestigious national and international awards,
  •  Acknowledged as center of Excellence for power System Automation and Opearation since 2005,
  •  Conducting near 200 university - industrial contracts with a total budget of 114, 350,000,000Rials

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