Mitra GHafourian

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Personal Details

Surname: Ghafourian

Name: Mitra

Dateof birth: 1971/05/27


Present Position: Assistant Professor

Department: School of Architecture& Environmental Design

Ph.D. of Architecture, UTM (Malaysia), Date: September 18, 2012

Tel:+98-21-77001500 (6121)


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Education and Qualifications


i) University Degrees


-Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Architecture, UTM, 2012




ii) Sellected Short Course Certificates


- “Postgraduate Workshop I: GettingPublished”, held by UTM, Johor (Malaysia), May 2009


- “Sustainable Production:Improving Eco-efficiency”, held by UTM, Johor (Malaysia), June2009






- Assistant Professor, Facultyof Architecture & Environmental Design, Iran University of Science andTechnology, Since Feb 2013




Teaching Experiences


- Architectural Design 1, 2, 3,4, 5 (Tarrahi-e Me’mari); Design Preliminaries (Moghadamat-e Tarrahi) 1 & 2;Man-Nature-Architectture (Ensan-Tabi’at-Me’mari); and Roosta 1 & 2(postgraduate and undergraduate courses in Faculty of Architecture, IslamicAzad University of Qazvin)


- Design 1 (Tarrahi),  (postgraduate courses in Faculty of Architecture,Payam-e Noor Uni. South Tehran Unit)


- Preliminaries 2 (Moghaddamat),(undergraduate courses in Faculty of Architecture, Payam-e Noor Uni. CentralTehran Unit)


- Design 1  (Tarrahi), (undergraduate courses in Facultyof Architeture, Islamic Azad Uni. South Tehran Unit)


Research Projects


- “The Relationship betweenSustainable architecture and Designing vernacular houses in hot arid regions ofIran, Science Series Data Report (ISI Journal), Aug 2012


- “Eco Management in TraditionalIranian Architecture and Methodology of Sustainable Architecture Design Process”,CIB World Congress 2010, Salford – UK


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