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:: P.H. D. Thesis ::
 | Post date: 2013/02/3 | 



 The thesis Defense session of Mr Tahmasbi,Arsalan with the title of The elevation different qualitative factors in main streets of Sanandaj with considering social interactiononlocal scale. ” under supervision of Dr.Behzadfar,Mr Noohi will be held in 3 of Feb 2013 at 16:00 Pm in School of Architecture and environmentaldesign.


  Abstract :


  In realty the Rate of success of urban areas can be attributed to the rate of the use and presence of human beings, is that place. social interaction is one of the basic and essential human needs which have powerful impact on individual and public health and its formation and continuation is highly emphasized by psychologist and sociologist .fast and expeditious development of cities in last decades in the form regard and struggle of specialists and government quantities problems has caused them to neglect other aspects like qualitative problems. This issue is more intensive regarding the streets in a way that in the last decade’s most of capital city streets have become an intensive passage for people due to public growth and lack of structure improvement and suitable management and insufficient surveillance .

  Sanandaj is one of the cities which through last 3 decades has had a considerable structural growth and center of the city and streets has come up to great problems like traffic, public density, due to improper distribution of users, mono-centric and insufficiency of other city centers. This situation has caused decrease of social features of streets and decrease of citizens’ relations level in a way that this situation is estimated in a low level. This manipulation is based on guidelines and codes that are not coordinate with spatial demands of users and activities in which People done, and that is, we see in the most of streets .

  In this essay for elevation of the level of social interaction of citizens in main streets qualitative of spaces and elevation of that is considered as a resolution to this problem and it doesn’t mean ignoring the quantities feature of streets .

  From this point of view which this research is done, concentrating on special problem regarding the essence of result, we can count this research as an optional research. In this essay we use different techniques to study and recognize urban streets by using comparative inquiry of 4 different streets in relation with 4 different qualitative factors, we try to exhibit the relation and evaluation of factors and variable in elevating of social interactions. So it is expected that the inquiry results with an alternative attitude and designing theories in main streets will elevate .

  by examining the statistical results and analysis was done which is emerged from scientific view point and preferences of environmental users, it becomes clear that main streets of Sanandaj city has not been successful in the development and strengthening social interaction and this type of urban spaces don't have proper place

  in communal life ,and main streets are more routs for natural movement rather than selection and social activities. The current situation is more affected by problems and the type of attitude that people have toward type, shape and level of communal interaction . At last a middle and moderate way in strengthening meaningful and sustainable social interactions based on scientific guidelines and attitudes of the audiences is suggested to improve the current situation on the streets .


  Key words :

  Social interaction, main streets, place, qualities factor, local scale


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