Vision, Mission and Policies

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Vision, Mision and Policies 

  • Vision for 2020

The School of Automotive Engineering at IUST provides the highest quality graduate programs in Automotive Engineering throughout Asia. The Automotive Engineering School at IUST envisions to create a community of faculty and students and leading industrial researchers in the Middle East to build the automobile for unprecedented levels of safety, performance, and sustainability. 

  • Mission

Our mission is to educate, develop, and build the best ideas and innovations for the next generation of cars and drivers.

  • Main Strategy

Through a close contact with the Automotive Industries, we will be able to attain our goals in the building and deploying of critical ideas. 

  • Human Resource Policy

Employing the best liable professors, graduated from the best universities with experiences in the automotive industries, is the school’s human resource strategy. A good student is the engine of a school’s development. Our mission is to excel our students and help them in all areas of study. 

  • Educational Policy

The education policy for the School of Automotive Engineering is reliant on new and innovative industrial methods. We adapt our methods according to the industrial dynamics of our time. 

  • Research Policy

The goals of the research center are to provide fundamental knowledge base for automotive engineering through research activities in the areas of internal combustion engines and fuels, fundamental fluid/thermal/combustion studies, and assessment of advanced propulsion and vehicle technologies, and especially their energy consumption and environmental impacts.

  • Hardware Policy

IUST School of Automotive Engineering provides hardware, specifically for quality research, for laboratories that are not controlled by the automotive industries. 

  • Software Policy

The software created according to demands of the automotive industries derive from original sources, and/or are designed and programmed in the school.

  • Economic Policy

The research activities are sponsored by the automotive industries, and are not dependent on government aid.

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