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The thesis Defense session of Mr Zekri,Abbas with the title of“ Analyze the semantic communication on body of the municipal buildings in order to develop an idea Form architecture design proces ” under supervision of Dr.M,Abbaszadegan and M.Sepehri ,will be held in 11 of Nov2012 at 16:30 Pm in School of Architecture and environmentaldesign.


Form is known as the codes of meaning since it is face and appearance. According to the theory of communicology, it is obvious that meaning depends on codes that we choose in semantic communication (realizing the meaning). Codes are components of message that can have proper impression and effect on receiver. Meaning can’t be conveyed in semantic communication . It is only the message which is conveyed and meaning is in the receiver of the message, not in the message itself. Since the concept of communication means the aspect in which two points or persons have something in common. Therefore, semantic communication means the aspect in which several persons reach a common meaning. Therefore, we study about existence of semantic communication for the condition of ideal sharing of meaning in civil structures in this research. The information can’t be collected and analyzed without psychological theories since human’s emotion and perception of environment are considered as the guideline for action of sharing meaning. Therefore, meanings of the users of civil structures are evaluated by the method of psychology of mental structure and the result was studied by method of distinguishing meaning. According to the nature of data of distinguishing meaning which are considered timed or distant (having interval), homogeneous variables at semantic levels were determined by the existing statistical techniques like multi-variable regression tests and Pear son correlation and spearman relation. They are studied and evaluated as a factor in environmental ideality. Therefore, we identify the relation between semantic levels by formulating recognition of theorem. We would also discuss about thematic features of ideal form. Theorem of ideal form helps the designer to present suitable designs for demands of users. This would cause them to admit, favor and interest civil structures more than before.


Communicology, semantics, form, semantic levels, ideality

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