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:: P.H. D. Thesis ::


The thesis Defense session of Ms.Seyede Somaye Mirmoradi with the title of“ Optimal relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces of primary schools to improve relationship of children” under supervision of Dr.Farhang Mozaffar will be held in 27 of June 2012 at 10:00 Am  in School of Architecture and environmentaldesign.


  Children need self cognition, having relation with other people, environment, and supernatural. Some Literature in recent decades in world shows that these four relationships has been used to definition of "spiritual well being". In addition, Islamic literature emphasize on simultaneous development of these four relationships in life. In current research the mentioned relationships in "National Curriculum of the I.R of Iran" which has been written since 1384, was used. This curriculum has been written for all of educational levels such as primary education .This document has defined prospect levels for different ages to achieve the mentioned relationships. There are several factors in schools that are effective to achieve these prospect levels. One of them is physical environment that is a part of hidden curriculum in schools. The main purpose of this research is designing desirable physical environment to achieve the mentioned relationships (with self, others, environment and GOD) of children in primary schools. In all sub-subjects which are in designing physical environment, the purpose of current research is design of relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces of primary schools.

  The method of current study was survey research and logical reasoning. Analysis of data in survey research has been descriptive-analytical. To analysis of statistic data SPSS software was used. Analysis of research data shows that the quality of optimal relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces of schools to improve mentioned relationships of children correlate to functional similarity and activity level of spaces. In based on these two factors it was achieved to desirable levels of relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces. Subsequently, architectural strategies to design of these relationship levels have been proposed. Then in each architectural strategy the quality of achievement has been explained to prospect levels of mentioned relationships of children. Finally two optimal spatial configurations of primary schools have been proposed according to results.


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