The University of Science and Technology held the UNESCO Seats Inauguration


 Cooperation between Academia and Industry can Increase a Country’s Development :

 The University of Science and Technology held the UNESCO Seats Inauguration:


 The inauguration of UNESCO seats in areas of “cooperation between industry and academia for further sustainable advancement” was held on Monday, April 30,2012 in the automotive research center of Iran University of Science and Technology.


 This ceremony took place with the presence of the minister of science, research and technology- deputy minister of industry, mine and trade- vicegerent of industrial and scientific research organizations- UNESCO representative in Iran- CEO to the UNESCO industry in Iran- and administrative and advisory board members from other universities. Dr. Daneshjoo, minister of science, research and technology, pointed to the comments of the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic regarding the role of universities, and added that “national production has its own culture, and language, and this culture should preside over the society.”


 Dr. Daneshjoo explained, “the usage of foreign products is a problem for the country. The university should analyze how it can create a solution to this problem.” He quoted Imam Khomeini (RA) in his speech who said, “If the university can be reformed, then society can also be reformed.” He added, “A university community should ban foreign products.” Regarding a university’s role for job creation and Iranian products, he added, “a university is a place that can turn people’s monetary assets into human energy, for human energy is the strongest foundation of a country. If we succeed in this area and view foreign products as a hindrance to advancement, then we have used our assets wisely. But, if we allow our younger generation to feel infatuated with western products, then we have failed.”


 Dr. Daneshjoo continued, “If we want to support Iranian workforce and Iranian assets, we must turn our knowledge into production, and offer it to the industry, so that industry can, with advanced technology, generate a product that can compete worldwide. This is how purchase of homemade products can be encouraged.”


 In the opening of this conference, Dr. Jabal Amoli, Iran University of Science and Technology’s chancellor, after commemorating Professor Shahid Mortaza Motahhari, praised the UNESCO seat inauguration, and thanked all those who put their efforts towards this accomplishment. Dr. Jabal Amoli noted their second place achievements for scientific productions in technical universities of the country, and talked about their noteworthy achievements in research and industry, including their aeronautics developments and nervous composite technology. He also mentioned and praised current research developments including the B Class Pelt Form automotive design, turbo compressor, and speed trains research.


 In a later part of this ceremony, Dr. Akbari, president of industrial and scientific research organization, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the UNESCO seat for cooperation of university and industry in the year of the so called National Production and Iranian Assets, adding that this incident will increase scientific and technical research immensely. He looked forward to a better cooperation between the Ministry of Science, and the mine and industry sections with support from UNESCO and this newly inaugurated seat. He added that he would like to see great steps between academia and industry towards attaining national and international achievements.


 Later, Dr. Saeed Abadi, the director-general of UNESCO in Iran, spoke about the cooperation of academia and industry in producing a sustainable development process. He expressed that the launching of the academic seats in the past four years was done so based on the need of the country and current priorities. He added that with the suggestion of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the confirmation of UNESCO, Dr. Mohammad Hassan Shojaeefard, professor at the school of mechanical engineering of IUST, was appointed president to the UNESCO seat in the field of academia and industry cooperation.


 Dr. Shojaeefard, spoke as president of the UNESCO seat for cooperation of academia and industry, and emphasized the impact academia can have on a country’s industry. He added, “Whenever the university had a role in industry, the industry has succeeded; and whenever this connection failed, there was not much to say. Wherever there was a growth in industry, surely there were students and professors as its backbones. We have proved that if we truly desire, we can increase our country’s scientific production.”





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