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:: P.H. D. Thesis ::

The thesis Defense session of Ms. Fatemeh Nassabi with the title of“Housing visual quality Model in traditional houses; Case study:Houses of old fabric of Bushehr city” under supervision of Dr. SeyedBagher Hosseini and Dr. Mehran Alalhesabi will be held in 27 ofFebruary 2012 at 13:30 in School of Architecture and environmentaldesign.


  Housing has been analyzed from different aspects like programming, needs assumption, standards in Iran. In these studies economical quality aspects have been of more concern and less regard have been concentrated on quality problems and social, cultural and psychological elements in policy making and programming that led to less satisfaction of psychological needs of residents. There are various social and environmental needs that their emergence in housing requires existence of appropriate space. The response to residents needs is an important aspect in promotion of housing quality level. Housing quality has different aspects that one of them is visual quality which this research tries to study it. Using experiential and survey methods, this research analyses the data with descriptive and inferential statistics in the case study of old houses of Bushehr city according to their high level of visual quality. Four tools have been used to quantify this quality that are: researcher based questionnaire, experts’ questionnaire, Syntax2D software, Depthmap Software. This research has some stages; first residents’ perception has been gathered through random sampling of 40 households. The effective factors were extracted and a linear model was chosen. The correlation between the factors was measured and the hypotheses of the research were analyzed. Afterwards the visual quality of houses analyzed by the residents were studied by the experts and then the data were studied by the Syntax2D and Depthmap softwares.the results of the research shows the visual quality of the houses and introduces housing design principals according to visual quality and ways to their promotion.

  According to the extracted model of the study from residents’ questionnaire, form and space of Bushehr houses affect visual mystery and variety and they influence visual aesthetic, livability and satisfaction. On the other hand, findings of visual quality perception of residents and experts were analyzed along with the two softwares. The results show that house forms have direct relation with visual variety, openness and area of isovist and they have indirect relation with visual control. On the other hand, space light has direct relation with visual mystery and satisfaction and they have indirect relation with occlusivity and clustering coefficient. The principles of the research are variety, openness, harmony in form, variety of functions, visual relation between functions, mystery in space, legibility using light.


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