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:: P.H. D. Thesis ::


Sina Razzaghi Asl , P.H.D student will complete his P.H.D thesis on " Landscape Architects & Urban Designers Approaches to the common boundary Themes in Place Making " in 14 september 2011 at 16:00.pm .The asociate professor is Dr .Mohsen Feyzi , Dr Mostafa Behzadfar.


The main goal of this study is an investigation to the knowledge-professional approaches of landscape architecture and urban design in place making paradigm. The overlaps between these two fields, expansion of professional domains and misunderstanding of such interdisciplinary themes cause the gap between them in confronting with natural and built environments.

This research with emphasizing in grounded theory approach use qualitative and quantitative methods for gathering and analyzing data. In first step, the common boundary concepts explored and categorized in 9 groups. After this, contents of 503 international papers publishing in during 2000-2010 analyzed. Frequencies of the 350 words obtained.

The findings of this study show that the 11 themes concluding: pattern, structure, context, health, land use, activity, tradition, scale, change, policy and character are the main common boundary themes between landscape architecture and urban design. The survey done on 66 academic staffs in 10 universities of the world, show that difference of landscape and urban design viewpoints related to the structural aspects of place making at first. These aspects are pattern, structure and scale. The character of place is the other theme in this era. Deference between approaches of foreign and Iranian staffs did not report. Offering comparative model for theoretical-professional approaches of landscape architects and urban designers to the common boundary themes is the main outcome of this research. Besides these, a common process for teamwork in place making between two fields proposed. Finally, presenting a five-layered model for place making concluding visual, identity and meaning, function, product and context for usage in Iran and the world is another proposed paradigm of this study.

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