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Hossein Nourmohammadzad , P.H. D student will complete his P.H. D thesis onSystematic Exploration and distinction process of problems of structure of city historic physic texture Case study: Historic Texture of YAZD city in 19july 2011 at 16:00.Pm .The associate professor is Dr. Mostafa Behzadfar,Dr Raziye Rezazadeh.


  A lot of information can be found about urban historic texture system, its structure and their subsystems that they have not been presented up to now. For example, the urban historic texture is an open system that it has formed different subsystems.These subsystems are formed by connections. Each of these connections are formed by a lot of elements in which they have relation with together in intermediator . These textures and their structures have formed through a lot of processes, have continued and changed. For this reason, Studying of this system and its structure are need to be specialty histology and structure studies.

  Any change is occured in texture and structure of this system is caused that they are involved in problem constantly. For intervention in them the problems need to be explorated and distincted.The problems of the texture and structure systems are recognized by process. They are cognition process outputs. For this reason cognition of them are need to be special approach and method. In view of, below cases are became propounded objectives in this research.

  1- Finding histology and structure studies method of the urban historic texture system base on system theory base.

  2- compling the exploration and distinction problems process of the urban historic texture structure system in the historic texture structure system of YAZD city.

  3- Testing the exploration and distinction problems process of the urban historic texture structure system method in the YAZD city historic texture structure problems

  The texture, structure, process and problem were studied by systematic approach in this research.different research methods were used in it. The fundation and outlook theory has been made by logical method.The subject and its ground have been studied by descriptive-analytical method and research hypothesis have been tested by correlation method. Introduction, literture review of subject and its ground, research method, conclusion, offers and recommendtions are this research chapters.



  Key word: Texture, Structure, Process, Problem, Exploration and distinction process of problems


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