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 Vahid Afshinmehr, P.H. D student will complete his P.H. D thesis onDESIGN PRINCIPLES OF THE PROPER INTERIOR SHELL FOR IMPROVED DESIRABILITY OF ACOUSTIC IN OPEN PLAN OFFICE in 28 june 2011 at 16:00. The associate professor is Dr. Jalil Olia.


  Here is an overview to the current layouts of the office spaces and global management ideas for which they have been on hand. It has been getting ever more pronounced since the early 20th century and consequently causing the office space designs to evolve. This too is also necessary to consider for the current office space designs in Iran. The current designs in Iran are to be considered with respect to the said evolving atmosphere, the end user’s purpose, and in providing an acceptable ambience, especially for those who spend numerous hours in their offices from the time they wake up, is of a great importance.

  After re-evaluating the office space designs, it is apparent that despite of the efforts made with regards to designs and also execution of open office plans, in some or all of the departments, it is obvious that the outcome has been a stress-full type of office space. The manifestation of such stress-full office spaces is quite evident in different aspects of the working occupants’ behaviors, psychological responses, also their productivities.

  One of the methods to further enhance the working spaces seems to be inquiries, their inputs and their requirements which are to invest in the designing of their working environment. This will reduce the stress level of the occupants, thus further allowing them the ability to have control over their surroundings, and eventually the enhanced sense of ownership toward their work which will cause an elevated level of environmental satisfaction and enhanced level of productivity.

  The primary component contributing to the said transformation is to take notice of psychological effects of the created physical situation by management’s new idea over employees such as noise, light, and occupant’s density. The other contributing component is to select appropriate scientific policies and implementations in providing control over instances mentioned above. This is evaluated in two parts; the scientific part which will includes the implementation of new theories and methods in responding to the users / consumer or to react to the disturbing and abusers. The implementation part is taking notice of physical appearance factors such as building exteriors, natural lights, colors, and etc. It is also good to take notice of the tools and necessities such as furniture, and employee’s accessibilities to appropriate spaces for the activities of their employees.

  In order to research the part one and also to utilize the end users inputs, a questionnaire is prepared to gather their opinions and their view points about the office spaces that currently are in use which are the case studies to further discover the obstacles and difficulties on hand regarding issues discussed above. In order to research the part two, by looking through the sources, the investigations already conducted, and the way questionnaires are handled, we can conclude a format and a frame-work in which the future office spaces are designed so they would be of greater quality and more instrumental.

  As a final step in refining new methods and approaches, they are submitted to the departments of physics and mathematical science for further investigation and to authenticate the part two of the investigation regarding architectural forms in controlling one of the disturbing elements which is the Noise and how the “Noise reduction acoustical design” is affected by it.

  The field investigations are conducted within the federal departments of Tehran City and also private sectors of Tehran. The investigation shows that employees’ field of activities (majors) are a contributing factor in their level of satisfactions; therefore, the office / bureau type of activity is designated for the case study. In the modeling department specific attention is paid the effect of type / form vs. reaction time which is one of the most effective elements in the quality of the environment’s acoustics.


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